Welcome to Montgomery Briggs Ranch

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our longhorns!  We are Logan & Kortni Epperson.  We breed, raise, and sell Registered Texas Longhorns.  We grew up around cattle and crops, all of our life, in North Missouri.  After college, we decided to venture out a bit, young and prior to kids, we said why not Tennessee? So, we moved from Missouri and started a new chapter.  We started a landscape business in Nashville and spent 10 years building it up.  We started our longhorn herd in 2019 with just 2 cow/calf pairs, mainly to limit Logan’s mowing, on our small Tennessee farm.  We fell in love with their smart, docile, beautiful personalities, so we decided to buy a few more.  We have 3 young kids who enjoy traveling and going to sales with us.  We love to hit as many longhorn consignment sales as we can, all over the states, meeting fellow breeders who are the nicest folks you will ever meet!  Fast forward to 2022-We sold the landscape business and back to our roots in North Missouri we went, to grow the herd even more.  What started with Logan wanting cattle with horns for fun and Kortni telling him “these are the last ones you’re buying” (a herd count of 8 at that time) has turned into us working our herd of 60 now together, Kortni knee deep in it enjoying every minute of it!  She enjoys the breeding strategy of it and often times can’t stop talking about “her” cattle all day.  It has brought us together, enjoying something we both love!

 Fun fact:  our ranch is named after our two boys🩶

 We focus on top quality genetics and work with our cattle in different ways, every day.  We have learned a lot along the way and look to learn all we can as we go.  

We A.I. our Registered Texas Longhorns with different top notch, proven bulls in the industry to diversify our herd, all while hoping to do our little part to help build the Longhorn industry.  By artificially inseminating our gals with the best of the best bulls, that allows us to bring top notch quality offspring to those looking to purchase from us.

Y’all come on by, anytime, to see us!  

We thank the Good Lord, every day, for this beautiful life!