Welcome to Montgomery Briggs Ranch

Hey y'all, we're Logan and Kortni Epperson. We moved to Nashville, Tennessee about 10 years ago. We started this ranch for our babies! We wanted to give them the life we had. Growing up on the family farm, with cattle and crops in the Midwest. Building character along the way! Something we feel is important to instill in the young minds of todays fast paced world. That quickly led us to owning Registered Texas Longhorns and the love for the breed. What started with just a couple longhorns to help minimize Logan’s bush hogging turned into acquiring more and more! We since then have taken it serious all while having fun with it.

We A.I. all of our Registered Texas Longhorns with different top notch, proven bulls in the industry to diversify our herd, all while hoping to do our little part to help build the Longhorn industry.  By artificially inseminating our gals with the best of the best bulls, that allows us to bring top notch quality offspring to those looking to purchase from us, right here in middle Tennessee.   
We love to sit, have a glass of wine and strategize what the next breeding season bulls we’ll use for our ladies.

Stop by our ranch, come say hi, anytime!  If we aren't in the garden pulling weeds, we're probably out riding horses or chasing chickens, or wrangling the kids. We thank the Good Lord everyday for what we have!